Friday, October 7, 2011

The Multiplex Projection

The run of weak weekends is over - we are set for a major uptick in BO business - that said - Indian summer conditions throughout much of the nation threaten to push down the final numbers:
  1. Real Steel ($30M) - Someone check the calendar, are we certain it's not mid-July? The Hugh Jackman CGI-fest appeals to the male demo in a massive way and families will flock to see it too.
  2. The Ides of March ($19M) - Let the flood of Oscar hopefuls flow. Though it's not at that level (read my review below),  the political drama is stocked with superstars and will put plenty of college kids & older folks in the seats.
  3. Dolphin Tale ($10M) - With no new family films opening, the dude with a blowhole will benefit for a third-straight weekend.
  4. Moneyball ($8M) - Brad Pitt and his worked-over lower lip (read my review below) rake in more cash in hopes of  
  5. Courageous ($5M) - The 'Fireproof' folks add to their already massive profit.