Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday's Multiplex Projection

Can't peg Footloose - will it tank - will it outperform? Totally torn on it but this much I know - Paranormal Activity 3 is going to kill it next weekend:
  1. Real Steel ($18M) - Hugh Jackman's Rock 'Em Sock 'Em robots drill one another in the grill for a second straight successful weekend - word of mouth is strong on this one.
  2. Footloose ($14M) - Let me get this right - largely positive reviews for a completely needless remake starring first-time actress Julianne Hough and some no-name lead actor? '80s revival indeed.
  3. The Thing ($10M) - Stick with John Carpenter's take - further proof (see above) that big Hollywood studios can't come up with original scripts.
  4. The Big Year ($8M) - Will Jack Black hit the trifecta of starring role bombs (Gulliver's Travels & Year One) with this zero-buzz offering? Bet the bank.
  5. Dolphin Tale ($7M) - Harry Connick Jr. & Ashley Judd have the bottlenosed dude to thank for resurrecting their movie careers - for one more weekend.
  6. The Ides of March ($5M) - George Clooney's campaign is bleeding cash - those Oscar aspirations are fading quicker than Rick Perry in the polls.