Friday, September 23, 2011

The Multiplex Projection

Hollywood has two defined "dead zones": February through April and September through October - studios release films that are a) looking to get a jump on the Oscar race or b) complete and utter garbage. With one of the former and a heaping dose of the latter, here's the call on the weekend cash:
  1. Moneyball ($19M) - Selling a baseball movie is rough - unless you have Brad Pitt as the centerpiece. That said, the average moviegoer still sees this as a "baseball movie" and Moneyball is going to have a tough time getting females in the door - even with Pitt. 
  2. The Lion King 3D ($16M) - Disney's laughable "shock" over TLK3D's success chuckles on - as if the Mouse House didn't know that Gen Xers would take their kids in droves. 
  3. Dolphin Tale ($15M) - Family movies score in the fall - solid RT score to boot.
  4. Contagion ($9M) - Superstar-stocked pandemic flick rolls along.
  5. Killer Elite ($8M) - Insipid action movie featuring the ultimate insipid action star Jason Statham alongside Robert De Niro to give it some "heft" - wouldn't watch it on Cinemax.
  6. Drive ($7M) - Best and most original movie of 2011 - strong word of mouth helps it stick.
  7. Abduction ($5M) - If you have stock in Taylor Lautner - sell it today - come Monday it will be unlisted.