Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday's Multiplex Projection

What a heap of junk being thrown into theaters this weekend - dead season indeed:
  1. The Lion King 3D ($14M) - Simba makes it a hat trick as Disney's pre-plan to keep it in theaters past the "two weeks only" comes off to perfection.
  2. Moneyball ($13M) - Brad Pitt's dramedy benefits from the litany of lame new releases.
  3. Dolphin Tale ($11M) - Families see films in the fall.
  4. Dream House ($10M) - The curiosity factor of watching the newly-married Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz is the only thing this "seen-it-all-before" thriller has going for it.
  5. 50/50 ($9M) - Seeing as I wouldn't pay a buck to watch Seth Rogen in pretty much anything, I may be biased by saying this is set to tank - even with stellar reviews. A comedy about cancer? Good luck with that.
  6. What's Your Number? ($8M) - I've got your number - nothing - even with an oft-charming, oft beyond annoying Anna Faris and her bud Captain America as the pair that "shockingly" get together at the end.
  7. Courageous ($6M) - Catchy tagline: "Just like Fireproof but with police officers and Kirk Cameron isn't one of them".