Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The End of Entourage - SIKE!

Thanks to the perils of lost sleep on this shift, I just got around to watching the series finale of Entourage - with misty eyes - here are my final thoughts until the inevitable movie hits theaters in 2012:

  • Vince was incredibly likeable - Adrian Grenier never quite created a multi-layered character but he did succeed at being the guy that anyone would want for a best bud.
  • Drama was gold - Kevin Dillon's borderline imbeccile act shockingly never got old.
  • Turtle is skinny - Jerry Ferrara somehow became less annoying during the eight-year run - the loss of the  backwards ball cap definitely helped.
  • Eric was Eric - Kevin Connolly played the everyman role to perfection - never too high - never too low - not to mention, he got away with the hottest girl on the show.
  • Ari was the show - Jeremy Piven proved to be what made Entourage go - stealing scene after scene and setting himself up as the centerpiece of the obligatory motion picture.
After investing in 96 episodes - 2880 minutes give or take - Entourage was largely worth the sizeable investment. Having spent some six years in Hollywood after graduating from "the" Ohio State University, I have a certain affinity for that town and the unique vibe it emits. Entourage captured that aura and allowed us to live vicariously through the boys as they made their way through Tinseltown's endless maze of gatekeepers and the dreamers that seek the keys to the kingdom.